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Goodyear Wiper Blades Reviews

Goodyear wiper blades have been on the market since 1991. In the last two decades the company has carved a niche for itself with its superior know-how in rubber technology. Some of the best known Goodyear wiper blades brands are described below:

Types Of Goodyear Windshield Wiper Blades And Sizes

Goodyear Premium Wiper Blades with SilentArmor technology are made with a natural rubber compound using steel frame, double-painted components. Its unique wiping edge has a round-hinge profile for more efficient wiping. Goodyear Premium wiper blades are durable with a silent wiping action. They are available from 11” through 40” for a wide range of vehicles from passenger cars through to trucks, buses and RVs. It is available at Amazon for half the retail price.

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Goodyear Assurance is a heavy-duty wiper blade with ‘beam’ or premium flat design. It features the company’s unique SilentArmor and ResponseEdge technology for optimum, all-weather windshield wiping power. Its spoiler material is designed to repel snow and ice. Goodyear Assurance wiper blades come with unique connectors compatible with the latest OE designs. They are available in sizes from 14” through 28”. Full Range Of Selection Here.

Goodyear Racing is a high performance wiper blade. Its wiping element has a round-hinge profile for better wiping performance. This wiper blade which uses SilentArmor technology has integrated functional spoilers which ensure optimal windshield contact at any speed. Goodyear Racing is available in sizes 15” through 28” for light truck and passenger car applications.

Goodyear Racing Winter Wiper Blades have a heavy-duty, riveted steel frame, stainless steel flexors and functional spoilers for maximum windshield pressure at all speeds. In addition this unique winter product is fitted with a winter boot which repels snow and ice. It features exceptional durability and wiping action relying on SilentArmor technology.

Goodyear 20/20 Performance Wiper Blades are made of natural rubber in a riveted frame with stainless steel flexors. The Goodyear 20/20 Performance series is available in sizes from 11” through 28”.

Goodyear produces some of the best wiper blades and they can be bought online from Amazon, Ebay or Craigslist. However, you need to know how to change wiper blades if you were to buy it on your own.

You may also want to consider Trico Wiper Blades Reviews as comparison to Goodyear.

Trico Wiper Blades Reviews

Trico is one of the world’s oldest manufacturers of wiper blade systems, wiper blade replacements and wiper blade refills. The company has manufacturing plants in all five continents. Trico manufactures wiper blades, refills and complete assemblies to suit virtually any vehicle on the road. Here is a brief overview of thei Trico Wiper Blades Reviews.

Best Selling Trico Neoform Wiper Blades

Beam Wiper Blades offer superior performance because they are protected with a Teflon coated, hinged shell. The different models in the Trico Beam Blade range are as follows.

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  • Trico Force Wiper Blades are a robustly engineered product with a swept-wing spoiler for high speeds and a VorTec aerofoil for maximum windshield contact. This HighGlide treated rubber blade offers a smoother, quieter wipe.
  • Trico NeoForm is a premium wiper blade which provides uniform pressure and a clean wipe through its Memory Curve Steel beam. Its unique dual-point coupler is specially designed to prevent streaking. The NeoForm is available at Amazon with Free Shipping.
  • Trico Teflon Shield Wiper Blades offer the superior wipe of a beam blade and the protection of a hinged shell casing. The rubber wiping element is infused with the Teflon surface protector to ensure a longer life with a smooth, silent performance.
  • Trico Tech is a cost-effective, advanced flexible beam wiper blade with all-weather durability. It is designed to last for over 1.5 million cycles.

Trico Factory Replacement

Trico offers its Exact Fit replacement wiper blades which help restore your vehicle to original factory quality. Some of the models in the Exact Fit series are:

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  • Trico Exact Fit Beam Wiper Blades specially designed to make maximum contact with the modern car’s highly curved windshields. Their memory curve steel beam assures uniform pressure for the clearest possible wipe.

  • Trico Exact Fit Hybrid Wiper Blades are built for all-weather performance. The blade is protected with high-strength polymer shell safeguards
  • Trico Exact Fit Conventional Wiper Blades are easy-to-install, conventional metal blades which provide original factory quality.

Heavy Duty Trico Blades For Extreme Weather Conditions

Extreme Weather Wiper Blades are designed for extreme weather conditions. Trico offers the following:

  • Trico Chill Wiper Blades have a protective rubber boot which prevents the wiper from being clogged by ice and snow. They are designed for exceptional performance in extreme weather conditions. These blades are robustly built with a durable metal frame for heavy duty applications.
  • Trico Chill Teflon Edge Wiper Blades have an exclusive surface-protected wiping edge which provides a longer, smoother life with a quieter wiping action. In addition, these wiper blades have all the other features incorporated in the Trico Chill Wiper Blades.
You can visit the official Trico Blades website for other products.

How To Change Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are constantly exposed to sunlight and varying weather, and have to contend with harmful pollutants, dust and debris. After a time, any wiper blade becomes brittle and begins to tear. The result is poor wiping leaving streaks and worse, could even scratch your windshield. Experts recommend changing windshield wiper blades every six months to a year for optimal performance.

New Assembly or Refill Windshield Wiper Blades

You can replace the whole wiper assembly for best performance or you can replace the set of blades with refills which is a cheaper alternative. Refills are available for virtually all standard wipers. When buying a wiper blade replacement it might be a good idea to use the old wiper blade as a sample to make certain of the correct size. If you are deciding to buy online then check the car manual for the exact specification, or search for wipers by car make and model. Most wiper blades come with adapters which fit on practically any kind of connector. There are various different types of wiper blades available. A silicone coated, natural rubber blade will give you better and more lasting performance. Other new blades made of rubber compounds too give you more life.

What Tools Would I Need to Replace Wiper Blades?

The only tool you will need when replacing wiper blades is a flat head screwdriver.
What are the steps to take to replace a wiper blade?

    • Move your wipers to an upright position using the ignition.
    • Place an old tee shirt or cloth on the windshield to protect it if anything should accidently drop on it.
    • Turn the wipers out. If you are using wiper blade refills, first remove the old rubbers which you are planning to replace. They might be secured with snaps and tabs which you will have to open out to release the blade.
    • Slide in the refills and secure the snaps and tabs so the wiper blade refills are firmly secured.
    • If you are changing the wiper blade, remove the old wiper blade first. Every kind of wiper will have its own method of fastening the wiper blade which might be a hook or snap which can be opened with a screwdriver. Most likely this will be illustrated on your new assembly. When you fit in the new assembly, reverse the process so that it is firmly secured to the arm.
    • In some vehicles the wiper blade is different for the driver and passenger side. Make sure you are fitting the correct one.
    • Check your wipers using the windshield washers. Make sure the blades are secure and sweeping effectively.

Watch The Video below to help you understand how to change wiper blades


Best Wiper Blades Buyers Guide

What Are Wiper Blades?

Wiper blades, also known as windscreen wipers or windshield wipers, are a legal requirement in most countries. They are used on cars, buses, trucks, earth-moving vehicles, locomotives, aircraft and ships to remove rain, dust and mud to keep the windshield clean. In general, the wiper assembly consists of a spring loaded arm to keep an even pressure on the windshield, and a rubber wiper blade in contact with the windshield glass. The arm pivots at one end from where it rocks back and forth over the windshield, in the process of which the rubber blade removes water and other debris from its surface. The wiper movement is adjustable in most vehicles – it can work at different speed settings compatible with the force of the rain, or it can work intermittently if the rain is light. Most vehicles have two radial wiper arms which are synchronized. Some vehicles with larger windshields might have more than two wipers while other vehicles use only a single wiper with a large enough sweep to cover the entire windshield. Wiper blades are available in a range of designs. All of today’s cars are fitted with wiper blades with washer jets to more effectively clean the windshield.

How Are Windshield Wipers Powered?

On most vehicles wipers are electrically operated with a separate wiper motor linked to power two wiper arms. In many vehicles which use air-operated brakes, the wipers are pneumatically driven by pressurized air tapped off the braking system.

Are There Any Other Kinds Of Wipers?

Many modern vehicles are fitted with rain-sensing wipers. These are programmable intelligent wipers with rain sensors to detect the presence and intensity of rain. They are self-operating and run at a frequency consistent with the rain intensity. Many cars today are fitted with rear screen wipers on the back window. For a time, headlight wipers were attached to some premium cars. These have since been replaced with pressure jets which perform the same task.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Wiper Blades?

Standard Type Wiper Blades

This the conventional wiper design fitted to most vehicles. The arm is hook-shaped and the blades range between 10” and 28” long.

Spoiler Type Wiper Blades

This type has a full-length spoiler which runs the length of the blade. It is generally used only on the driver’s side and helps make better contact between the blade and the glass at high speeds.

Flat or Retrofit Wiper Blades

This is a new technology in wiper blades. It is designed to maintain constant pressure along the length of the blade and to reduce wind noise because of its flatter, aerodynamic shape. Since it is smaller, it creates less obstruction so the driver has a better field of vision.

Specific Fit Wiper Blades

These are customized blades designed to fit specific vehicles.


With most wipers you need to replace only the rubber blade refill when the original becomes hard or gets worn. Replacing a refill blade is a cost-effective alternative though the performance might not be as good as replacing the entire wiper blade.

What Are Wiper blades Made Of?

Most wiper blades are made of natural rubber. But rubber blades become hard and brittle with weather changes, sunlight, dirt and contaminants after which they do not

function efficiently. A worn wiper blade, apart from having a poor wiping action, can scratch the windshield because of abrasion. Newer designs in wiper blade technology use a composite structure of soft, pliable rubber for the squeegee surface, and firm rubber for the body. This combination provides a more efficient wiping action with enhanced support and durability. Popular today are silicone wiper blades which are resistant to general weather conditions and offer an extended life.

What Are The Different Sizes In Wiper Blades?

Standard wiper lengths vary in length from 10” and 40”, and generally come in 1” increments. The best way of buying a replacement is to measure the length of the existing blade.

Which Are The Recommended Wiper Blade Manufacturers?

Windshield wipers are manufactured by a number of reputable companies. Some of the best windshield wiper blades are manufactured by companies listed below:

  • ACDelco
  • Amr
  • Anco
  • Auto7
  • Autotrust
  • Bosch
  • Denso
  • Good Year
  • Motorcraft
  • Pylon
  • Rainex
  • Trico
  • Valeo

You can refer to our Best Wiper Blades Product Reviews for more information.

When Should I Replace My Wiper Blades?

Most motorists take their wiper blades for granted and accept less than perfect visibility under adverse conditions. All blades fall victim to weather and other conditions after which their performance is highly unsatisfactory. Examine your wiper blades periodically to ensure they are not cracked and brittle. If the problem is minor, you can Repair Wiper Blades on your own. Their performance is a good indicator of their condition. As a guideline, the experts recommend a wiper blade change once every six to twelve months for optimum performance and visibility. You can read more about Wiper Blades Tips to learn how to learn about different wiper blades and maintenance.

Where Do I Buy Good Wiper Blades?

Wiper blades of the best known manufacturers are stocked by all automotive stores and garages. However you can surf the internet and get some great deals online at Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Target. There are also online car accessories store selling a wide range of windshield wiper blades. The complete range of popular Trico wiper blades and Goodyear wiper blades are easily available online.