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Recommended Windshield Wiper Blades For Winter

Driving during winter has always presented a different set of difficulties for drivers compared to summer or spring time. This problem is mainly due to the sub-zero temperature that the car is exposed to during the whole season. Besides having to change to tires for more surface grip, drivers also have to remember to switch your wiper blades to one that is more for winter use. It is all in the name of safety because wiper blades not made for winter will malfunction when you need it and this will affect your visibility when driving.

Reasons To Swap Wiper Blades

Most of the wiper blades used by cars are actually made of rubber, these will function normally during spring and summer. However, once we enter winter, the performance of rubber deteriorates rapidly because this is not a material that withstands cold as well as silicone. The rubber wiper blades will become stiff when exposed to freezing temperatures. The stiff blades can do more harm then good, not only will it not able to clear away the snow and particles on your windscreen, in worst cases, it might even scratch your windshield.

What To Look For In Winter Wiper Blades

With so many problems associated with using with using rubber wiper blades, what should you be looking for when considering a winter wiper blade? First of all, the wiper blade has to be made of materials that can withstand the harsh temperatures in winter. This is to prevent it from hardening. A common material used for winter purpose is Teflon-like. This will not freeze and still be able to flex to swipe the windshield clean of snow and particles. Moreover, such blades have a protective coating on the its frame that prevent snow and ice from forming on it.

It is recommended to change wiper blades every 6 to 9 months, so your normal wiper blades should last you through the year before changing to the safer winter purpose ones. If the old ones are still in good condition, you can keep it and switch back again after the winter season.

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How To Keep Your Wiper Blades In Good Condition To Last Longer

Most wiper blades have a lifespan of 6 to 9 months before you will see the need to replace it. Silicone blades usually last longer than rubber wiper blades. However, the lifespan is largely dependent on how you use the wiper blades and maintain it so you could get your money’s worth.

Please Do Not Do These

Most drivers will find it a convenience to use the wiper blades and swipe off any residues they see on their windshield. However, swiping on a dry surface has detrimental effects on the wiper blades. Dry surface will produce more friction when swiping wiper blades and this causes more wear and tear to the blades. This problem is exacerbated during a hot weather. The UV rays is already damaging enough to the blades. The additional heat will damage the wiper blades faster.

You also should not use the wiper to remove dirt and grime accumulated as these grainy materials can wear off the blade edges faster. It is also not advised to swipe ice or snow on the windscreen as these will cause deformity to the blades. Snow is also heavy and causes much stress to the whole blade system.

Solution To Maintaining Wipers

Most of the damage done to the wiper blades are due to it operating in dry and hot conditions. All it needs is windshield washer fluid to make swiping smoother for the blades. You can easily purchase one bottle of washer fluid from gas stations. Mix it into the storage tank located under the bonnet of the car.

Though wiper blades are cheap accessory, it plays an important part in driving safety. Do not wait until its worn out before you realize the need to change. The best way is to use it appropriately to prolong its usefulness. Not only is it cost efficient, it also gives the driver a peace of mind.

Why You Should Buy Silicone Wiper Blades And Not Rubber Blades

It is often a split decision drivers have to make a choice between buying silicone or rubber wiper blades to replace their worn out ones. A key consideration will be the price difference between these two materials. Silicone made blades are usually more expensive, by about 20%, compared to rubber made blades. However, we would think that there is more to price to think about when choosing a replacement wiper blade.

Wiper blades may be a small accessory to the car but its reliability and performance will have significant repercussions to the driving experience. Imagine you are caught in a thunderstorm or a snowstorm, your wipers are unable to clear the windshield properly, leaving you to drive under bad visibility. Bad wiper blades can endanger your life.

Analysis of the materials

Rubber is mostly made up of a compound of natural and synthetic rubber mixed with other chemicals. It is a common and low cost material used throughout the world.

Silicone is an inert material, meaning it is stable and durable. It is typically used in high stress equipments such as sealant and cookware.

A key property of Silicone which makes it useful for wiper blades is its stability under extreme temperature change. This makes it useful for all seasons in a year. It is also resistant to UV rays. For cars in the tropics, your wiper blades will often be worn down by the sun and has to be replaced often. With silicone wiper blades, you can be sure of a longer lasting performance.

Rubber wiper blades are noisier and produces a screeching sound when they slide on the windscreen. On the other hand, silicone wipers has natural lubricant ability that helps a smoother slide.

If you can afford that extra buck, go for silicone made wiper blades since it provides so many benefits not available by rubber based ones.

Best Wiper Blades Buyers Guide

What Are Wiper Blades?

Wiper blades, also known as windscreen wipers or windshield wipers, are a legal requirement in most countries. They are used on cars, buses, trucks, earth-moving vehicles, locomotives, aircraft and ships to remove rain, dust and mud to keep the windshield clean. In general, the wiper assembly consists of a spring loaded arm to keep an even pressure on the windshield, and a rubber wiper blade in contact with the windshield glass. The arm pivots at one end from where it rocks back and forth over the windshield, in the process of which the rubber blade removes water and other debris from its surface. The wiper movement is adjustable in most vehicles – it can work at different speed settings compatible with the force of the rain, or it can work intermittently if the rain is light. Most vehicles have two radial wiper arms which are synchronized. Some vehicles with larger windshields might have more than two wipers while other vehicles use only a single wiper with a large enough sweep to cover the entire windshield. Wiper blades are available in a range of designs. All of today’s cars are fitted with wiper blades with washer jets to more effectively clean the windshield.

How Are Windshield Wipers Powered?

On most vehicles wipers are electrically operated with a separate wiper motor linked to power two wiper arms. In many vehicles which use air-operated brakes, the wipers are pneumatically driven by pressurized air tapped off the braking system.

Are There Any Other Kinds Of Wipers?

Many modern vehicles are fitted with rain-sensing wipers. These are programmable intelligent wipers with rain sensors to detect the presence and intensity of rain. They are self-operating and run at a frequency consistent with the rain intensity. Many cars today are fitted with rear screen wipers on the back window. For a time, headlight wipers were attached to some premium cars. These have since been replaced with pressure jets which perform the same task.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Wiper Blades?

Standard Type Wiper Blades

This the conventional wiper design fitted to most vehicles. The arm is hook-shaped and the blades range between 10” and 28” long.

Spoiler Type Wiper Blades

This type has a full-length spoiler which runs the length of the blade. It is generally used only on the driver’s side and helps make better contact between the blade and the glass at high speeds.

Flat or Retrofit Wiper Blades

This is a new technology in wiper blades. It is designed to maintain constant pressure along the length of the blade and to reduce wind noise because of its flatter, aerodynamic shape. Since it is smaller, it creates less obstruction so the driver has a better field of vision.

Specific Fit Wiper Blades

These are customized blades designed to fit specific vehicles.


With most wipers you need to replace only the rubber blade refill when the original becomes hard or gets worn. Replacing a refill blade is a cost-effective alternative though the performance might not be as good as replacing the entire wiper blade.

What Are Wiper blades Made Of?

Most wiper blades are made of natural rubber. But rubber blades become hard and brittle with weather changes, sunlight, dirt and contaminants after which they do not

function efficiently. A worn wiper blade, apart from having a poor wiping action, can scratch the windshield because of abrasion. Newer designs in wiper blade technology use a composite structure of soft, pliable rubber for the squeegee surface, and firm rubber for the body. This combination provides a more efficient wiping action with enhanced support and durability. Popular today are silicone wiper blades which are resistant to general weather conditions and offer an extended life.

What Are The Different Sizes In Wiper Blades?

Standard wiper lengths vary in length from 10” and 40”, and generally come in 1” increments. The best way of buying a replacement is to measure the length of the existing blade.

Which Are The Recommended Wiper Blade Manufacturers?

Windshield wipers are manufactured by a number of reputable companies. Some of the best windshield wiper blades are manufactured by companies listed below:

  • ACDelco
  • Amr
  • Anco
  • Auto7
  • Autotrust
  • Bosch
  • Denso
  • Good Year
  • Motorcraft
  • Pylon
  • Rainex
  • Trico
  • Valeo

You can refer to our Best Wiper Blades Product Reviews for more information.

When Should I Replace My Wiper Blades?

Most motorists take their wiper blades for granted and accept less than perfect visibility under adverse conditions. All blades fall victim to weather and other conditions after which their performance is highly unsatisfactory. Examine your wiper blades periodically to ensure they are not cracked and brittle. If the problem is minor, you can Repair Wiper Blades on your own. Their performance is a good indicator of their condition. As a guideline, the experts recommend a wiper blade change once every six to twelve months for optimum performance and visibility. You can read more about Wiper Blades Tips to learn how to learn about different wiper blades and maintenance.

Where Do I Buy Good Wiper Blades?

Wiper blades of the best known manufacturers are stocked by all automotive stores and garages. However you can surf the internet and get some great deals online at Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Target. There are also online car accessories store selling a wide range of windshield wiper blades. The complete range of popular Trico wiper blades and Goodyear wiper blades are easily available online.